About Strohacker Investigations

Mr. Strohacker always had a love for the investigative field.  He joined the Lake Worth
Police Department in 1969 and found his life long profession.  In 1982, Mr. Strohacker
graduated from a state accredited polygraph school.  Along with doing testing for the Lake
Worth Police Department, he opened Professional Polygraph Services to serve private
businesses in the area.  Polygraph testing was done for area banks, food stores,  car
dealerships, exterminators, etc., as well as legal work for attorneys.  When the Federal
Polygraph Protection Act passed, it limited the use of polygraphs in private businesses.  
Mr. Strohacker, at the time, had retired from the Lake Worth Police Department and
decided to share the knowledge and expertise he had learned in the law enforcement field
with the private industry.  In 1988, he changed the name of his business to R.D.
Strohacker Investigation Services and included all aspects of criminal and civil
investigation with his polygraph testing.  Since that time the business has grown to include
legal research, process service, computer research, pre-employment screening and more.  
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services section).

Honesty has been the number one word for Strohacker Investigations.  Mr. Strohacker
has always felt being honest with a client was more important than taking a client's money
and doing little or nothing to help.  We will meet with clients and discuss all aspects of
their case and will keep them updated on what is happening.  All aspects of our client's
investigations remain completely confidential.  You will find that our fees are very fair and

Since 1988, Strohacker Investigations has handled everything from homicide cases to
finding lost relatives.  If you are looking for a dedicated and thorough investigator with the
knowledge and ability to do the job, give us a call.
1111 Crestwood Blvd., Suite A                           561-588-1802
Lake Worth, FL 33460                                      561-588-1664  (fax)